Design patent

  • design patent-Classic diamond ring

    : design patent-Classic diamond ring

    • A diamond ring with a classic design that doesn't change.
  • milgrain collection

    : milgrain collection

    • It's a banding that looks luxurious with a traditional milgrain setting.
  • design patent-Lombaum

    : design patent-Lombaum

    • It is a couple ring with a modern and neat style thanks to its design patent product
  • design patent-emerald cut

    : design patent-emerald cut

    • introduce the emerald-cut diamond collection with a subtle and luxurious feel.
  • design patent-Braham

    : design patent-Braham

    • Revga's design patent product in a combination of antique and modernity
  • design patent-Blanche

    : design patent-Blanche

    • Sensuous necklace made by adding design elements to the Revga symbol.